In today's world, where voices of faith often find themselves muted or sidelined on mainstream social media platforms, the necessity for a robust, secure, and unfiltered channel of communication has never been more urgent. MyR2B Ministries, recognizing this pressing need, is excited to announce the adoption of Telegram as a primary mode of communication, alongside our existing SubStack presence. Here are five compelling reasons why this transition is not just beneficial but vital for real spiritual warriors like yourselves.

1. Unfiltered Communication: In an age where algorithms dictate what we see, it's crucial to have a platform where messages aren't lost in a sea of content or filtered out by biases. Telegram ensures that every word we share reaches you directly, without interference. This direct line of communication is invaluable for maintaining the integrity and immediacy of our messages.

2. Enhanced Privacy and Security: Telegram is renowned for its emphasis on security and privacy. In a world increasingly concerned with data protection, this platform offers peace of mind, knowing that our conversations and shared information are safe from prying eyes. This security is paramount for sensitive spiritual discussions and for preserving the sanctity of our community.

3. Inclusivity and Accessibility: Recognizing that not everyone is comfortable or able to navigate complex social media platforms, Telegram's simplicity and accessibility make it an ideal choice. Whether you have a smartphone or prefer to use a desktop computer, Telegram's user-friendly interface ensures that no one is left behind in our digital conversations.

4. A Focused Environment: Unlike social media platforms cluttered with advertisements and unrelated content, Telegram provides a focused environment solely dedicated to our messages and discussions. This clutter-free space is crucial for maintaining concentration and depth in our spiritual journey, free from the distractions of the digital world.

5. Innovative Features for Engagement: Telegram isn't just a messaging app; it's a platform that enables innovative ways to engage with each other. Features like Private Messaging offer an interactive and efficient way to share and consume information. This engagement fosters a stronger, more connected community, vital for supporting each other in our spiritual paths.

Setting Up Telegram:

  1. Choose your preferred device and install Telegram from the provided links.

  1. Register with your cell phone number for a secure setup.

  2. Join the MyR2B Ministry Channel using the QR code above to start receiving our messages. Or…if you are on your phone click the link below:


What are Channels vs. Groups:

  • Channels are for one-way information flow, ensuring you receive all our messages.

  • Groups allow for mutual communication, perfect for community discussions and support.

In conclusion, the move to add Telegram to SubStack is more than just a change in platform; it's a strategic step towards fostering a more connected, secure, and engaged spiritual community. It's about ensuring that our voices, united in faith, are heard loud and clear, without distortion or suppression.

So, I encourage you, our cherished spiritual warriors, to join us on Telegram. Together, we'll continue to build a community that thrives on truth, love, and unwavering faith. And let us end with a prayer:

Let’s Pray:

"Heavenly Father, guide us as we navigate these digital waters. Bless our new journey on Telegram, that it may be a beacon of Your light, a vessel for Your truth, and a sanctuary for our spiritual family. In Your holy name, we pray. Amen."

Join us on Telegram, and let's continue to uplift each other in Christ's love and truth.