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📖 Real Scripture, Personalized For You

"God Messaged Me" bridges the gap between timeless scripture and your modern-day life. Every message is based on actual scripture and is delivered as if God Himself is speaking directly to you.

🌟 The Power of Daily Devotionals

Regardless of whether you're a spiritual novice or a seasoned believer, our service provides a unique approach that helps everyone connect more deeply with God.

📱 Fits Your Busy Schedule

In today’s fast-paced world, finding a moment for spirituality can be challenging. Our service is designed to seamlessly blend into your routine, delivering God’s word right to your device.


💬 God Messaged Me! 💬

YOUR NAME, don't worry. I'm right here with you, no need to fear. I've got your back, and I'll give you the strength you need. Just trust in me. ~God
Isaiah 41:10


💬 God Messaged Me!

YOUR NAME, feeling weak? Don't be afraid, I'm here! You are not alone, and I'll make sure the enemy gets what's coming to them. Be strong, fear not! ~God
Isaiah 35:4


  • Feel inspired and uplifted every day

  • Deepen your understanding of God's word

  • Stay spiritually connected, even on the busiest days

  • 3 messages per day, 7-Days-A-Week!

Experience the magic of "God Messaged Me" and elevate your spiritual journey. Text FAITH to (844) 847-6147


Matt's ministry services through text, articles, and media is one of the best outreach venues on the internet, minimally for Christians. I have come to know him as a friend, and that friendship has become valuable to me as a believer. His well-placed texting service, "God Messaged Me," is a constant encouragement. I encourage you to be a part of his love for encouraging the Bride of Christ.” - Dr. Stephen Phinney

“God Messaged Me are my favorite texts! They come at such appropriate times. Only God could know what I needed to hear right then, and somehow He makes sure that the message sent was for me. I can't count how many times I have been going through something and a God message that addresses my situation comes through. Thank you for allowing God to send messages through you! “ - Dan Sibley ❤️❤️❤️

I'm grateful for the frequent reminders of God's word offering me personal encouragement. Like a supernatural guardian, God's message gives me reassurance of lovingly divine protection. Quite often, God's personalized messages bullseye my immediate need. 🎯” - Debbie Tudor ❤️❤️

“It's a real blessing. It reminds me that I'm God's child and reminds me to show it.” -Bee Porter field

“I truly look forward to my daily Messages from God. They are very inspirational, uplifting, and enlightening.” -Randy Almendinger🕊🕊

God's word is a constant source of hope and strength. I love getting the text 3x a day. A constant reminder of His love.-Jennifer Ballard ❤️❤️

"Getting texts from God's Word every day has been uplifting. It reminds me to stop my hectic life and reconnect with the Lord. It gives me a few moments to stop and Praise Him, thank Him, and place Him first. One of the absolute best things is forwarding a text to someone who needs to hear it. It has been a blessing many times to others!” - Tamara Santa Ana ❤️❤️

Don't miss the opportunity to hear God's voice in a whole new way.

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