Hur's Witness: From Skeptic to Believer in God's Plan

My Journey Amidst Biblical Revelations and Transformations

I'm Hur, spelled H-U-R, like in that epic movie, "Ben Hur." But unlike the movie, my story is rooted in scripture, and let me tell you, even I sometimes grapple with the details of my own identity. The Bible, in Exodus 38:22, introduces me as Bezalel's grandfather, of the tribe of Judah. This detail alone is vital, so stick with it.

Rabbinical tradition often spins my tale differently. They say I'm Miriam's son, making me Moses and Aaron's nephew. In this version, Caleb, who marries Miriam, is my dad. But then you have Josephus, the historian, throwing a curveball by suggesting I was Miriam's husband. Talk about a historical identity crisis! But here's the thing, no matter the version, the story's core remains the same: I was there, right in the thick of some pivotal biblical events.

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