Christian evangelist shot in head while street preaching. PLEASE PRAY!

Hans Schmidt, a 26-year-old outreach director at Victory Chapel First Phoenix Church, was tragically shot while engaged in street preaching on Wednesday night before a church service. This shocking incident has rocked the community and his congregation, as Schmidt is known for his dedicated service and commitment to his faith.

Schmidt has been a vital part of the Victory Chapel First Phoenix Church, actively involved in various outreach programs aimed at spreading the church's message and helping those in need. His efforts have not only strengthened the church community but also had a significant impact on the local area, reaching out to those who are often overlooked.

The circumstances of the shooting remain unclear, and authorities are currently investigating the incident. Members of the church and the local community have expressed their shock and sadness over this unexpected act of violence.

The church's website released a statement following the incident, urging the community to come together in prayer for Schmidt and his family during this difficult time. "Please pray with us for him and his family! They need a Miracle!" reads the statement, reflecting the deep concern and hope for Schmidt's recovery.

This incident highlights the risks faced by those who actively engage in community outreach and street preaching. It also serves as a stark reminder of the need for greater safety measures for those involved in such activities.

As Schmidt fights for his life, his church and community stand in solidarity, hoping for a positive outcome. This tragic event has not only brought attention to the dangers faced by street preachers but also sparked a wider conversation about violence and safety in community outreach efforts.

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